Why You Should Stay Away From Acer Liquid Z6


In my time at Hannover, my ZTE Blade L6 (yet another crappy phone) suddenly decided to live the life of a free smartphone and do whatever it wants. Without a portable navigation and communication device, I would have been lost.

The market I visited had an Acer Liquid Z6 besides a Huawei P8 Lite. I had a hard time determining which would fit my requirements best, because they seemed both very nice. Only very big difference - the price. The acer model only was about 87€ and I don’t need anything special on my phone. I just want it to work with the settings that the fact sheet gave me.

Running it

Logging into my google account failed. Only thing I found was one thread. After a while I discovered that the WLAN network I was using, apparently couldn’t resolve some domains. I don’t know if this is a problem caused by DNS or the Proxy but switching to mobile data traffic solved it. When you open the app overview, you can quickly discover a lot of bloatware. I deleted approximately 5 pre-installed games. Oh and ebay installed itself after a while. I never used ebay in my entire life… And there’s TouchPal. A custom keyboard which has made me root my old phone because it always sent me very informative popup messages telling me I should check out all the new emoticons in their new version twinkle twinkle kawaiiiii!1!! ^_^

Some configurations later, I finally used it in full time. Read some RSS entries, watched some YouTube videos, wrote some messages.


Suddenly my screen doesn’t respond. I cleaned it. Multiple times. Still nothing. I rebooted it, removed the battery pack. I even put it into the hotel fridge because: Why not?? I’m not a scientist?! I’m a cultural ape and I’m angry!1

It was at this moment I knew I had to take another trip into the city to bring back this piece of… 21st century electronic engineering.


Is it a software problem? Maybe. Im not able to control anything so how should I know?

What am I going to do now? Bring it back and switch to the P8 Lite. My old Huawei G510 was the best smartphone I have ever had (doesn’t mean it is sooo good; just means it doesn’t suck that bad).

Even though it’s cheap… just stay away from it. One of my colleagues always says:

Buy cheap - buy twice

But he is also one of those apple fanboys so idk…