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lovm2 is a library for building your own programming language in the blink of an eye. It offers you easy to use constructs to generate bytecode for its virtual machine.



Add this line to your Cargo.toml:

lovm2 = "0.5.0"



Generating Bytecode

use lovm2::prelude::*;

let mut module = LV2ModuleBuilder::new();

// declare the variables our code will use
let n = &lv2_var!(n);
// a module needs a code object called `main`
// if you want to make it runnable
let main_hir = module.entry();
// set the local variable n to 10
main_hir.assign(n, 10);
// `print` is a builtin function
main_hir.step(LV2Call::new("print").arg(n).arg("Hello World"));

// creates a `Module` from the `ModuleBuilder`
let module =;
println!("{}", module);

// load the module and run it
let mut vm = lovm2::create_vm_with_std();
vm.add_main_module(module).expect("load error");"run error");

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