• Added a standard library that will be included by default introducing common functionality for buffers, math, json, net, fs, and more. See full reference here: lovm2_std.

  • Implemented a new iterator value for Str, List, and Dict. This allows us to replicate a foreach construct using a new repeat variant:

gen::Repeat::repeat_iterating(<collection_expr>, <item_variable>)
  • Implemented exclusive or, shift left and shift right:
Expr::xor(<op1>, <op2>)
Expr::shl(<op>, <n>)
Expr::shr(<op>, <n>)
  • The project layout changed removing lovm2_error and lovm2_internals completely:
lovm2_core      - Bytecode, Vm, Errors
lovm2_std       - Implementation of the standard library
  • Serialized modules now have a special four byte sequence at the start. This will improve correctness when loading modules from file.

  • Modules will be cached at Vm level.

  • Improved HIR -> LIR lowering performance significantly.